Advantages of postal services

Postal services are offered in a post office which is a customer service facility. Fundamental postal services offered are but not limited to postal office boxes, sale of postage stamps, dispatching and acceptance of letters and parcels. Other additional services include banking services such as money orders and savings account, passport applications, registration, processing of government fees like road tax. Postal service is a national government function. General Post Office (GPO) refers to the national headquarters of a postal service. Search for Liteblue Login to get more information about the postal service.

The following are seven advantages of postal services:

Convenience of having a postal office box

Postal office mail box offers you security, privacy and flexibility. This is because it is:

Easy to find


Economically affordable



Excellent parcel delivery

You are assured speedy delivery of parcels when using the speed postal service because:

Parcels are easily dispatched since postal offices are located near market places.

You receive the parcels at your doorstep.

A versatile mode of transport can be used to carry booth small and large volume.

VPP system enables a parcel to be sent and amount due from the consignee can be realized by the sender through the post office.

Postal office registration

Using postal office registration for school registration or any other form of registration is easier in that one does not require internet connection. Most people are comfortable with filling out forms with paper unlike computer forms whose glitches can be annoying and frustrating.

National emergencies

Postal service is prevalent in the entire country because it’s a national government function. This makes it a unique asset that can be used during natural disasters or terrors attacks when power transmission lines and mobile phone lines are down. Postal service can be used to deliver medicine, information to natural disaster victims in emergency camps. It can also be used to reunite displaced persons with their families. A good example is the Hurricane Katrina incident that happened in 2005. Postal services kept open communication and commercial lines that enabled speedy delivery of essential medicine and relief food to thousands of victims.

Money transfer services for the unbanked

Not all people have access to mainstream financial banking. Money transfer services (money order) offered by Postal service provides a critical service to the unbanked. The fact that postal offices are located in every neighborhood makes the service accessible.

Economic effect

The postal service employs a significant number of personnel to work in its various departments. This includes drivers, cleaners, accountants, secretaries, receptionist to name but a few. The contribution of this segment to the overall GDP of a nation cannot be ignored. Businesses use postal services in their day to day running.

Security and public safety

Uniformed postal personnel help to deter crime by their presence. They help identify suspicious behavior and can be used to spot criminal residents or crime victims.


Postal services offer banking in the form of savings account. There are more post offices present than all other banks combined. The service provided constitutes a huge segment of the banking industry hence its economic importance.


Due to the critical role played by the postal service in many countries, it has been assigned a critical role to play in disaster preparedness. It is fully funded by the government and plays a crucial role in everyday life of any given country.