Our long experience in the sector of sheet metal products, metalworking, boiler making and industrial varnishing, without forgetting the design and the complete manufacture of machines, makes today we offer a quality environment of the offer until after-sales service . LES CREUSETS SA is certified  ISO 9001: 2008 ,  ISO 14001: 2004  and ISO 15085-2  (2012) but also:

Standard 3834-2: 2005
standard dealing with welding techniques and procedures, as well as the qualification of personnel in this field.
Standard EN287-1: 1992
Our welders are certified according to EN287-1: 1992: all our welds on steel, stainless steel or aluminum are made according to the standard welding procedures (DMOS) EN288-1: 1997 described in ISO 15614-1: 2005.

Standard 15085-2: 2012
The European standard EN 15085 “Railway applications – Welding of railway vehicles and components”, with its five parts, defines the requirements for the design, manufacture, inspection of welded joints and the organization of welding operations in the ” and the qualification of welders and welding coordinators. Any manufacturer who supplies vehicles and railway components for the construction and repair of railway equipment, be they crates, bogies, tanks, gangways, cabin equipment, internal components of compartments , the brake members, etc.